Wild Bill

The Easy Street Resident Ledgend

The Wild Bill Show has been heard on stations throughout Southern Ontario Canada since the late 70s including 10 years at the fabulous nostalgia station FM108 in Burlington Ontario Canada. The show was also syndicated to other stations in the days of reel to reel tape and recorded in the FM108 studios live with albums and 45s.

Bill had been a working live DJ at many venues during the 70s and enlarged his company Goodtyme Disc Jockey Service to ten DJs through the eighties and nineties serving weddings, stags, fundraisers and Bill's specialty 50s and 60s sock hops. He also had a very successful acting career and has appeared in over 700 Canadian and US feature films, TV series and commercials. He eventually jumped to the other side of the camera and wrote, produced and directed four feature films including the International Superior Film Making Award winner Billyboy which is now available on DVD. He has hosted a Sat and Sun night oldies show, and the morning show five days a week for a major National Internet station, and now brings all the fun and great tunes to

The Wild Bill Show is produced weekly in a three hour segment in mp3 at 89.0 db, with space for local commercials or station promo's, and usually delivered mid week by It consists of charted classic hits, B-sides, concert tracks, rarities covering pop, doowop, blues, soul, country gold, northern soul and rockabilly from the early fifties to the eighties with chatter and info as required, plus some humor and delivered like the old radio shows of the fifties, plus a cast of studio characters who jump in occassionally. Bills very extensive career has allowed him to interview many of the stars from the 50s to now, so he has intimate knowledge about much of the music and it's origins. The show is generic yet interesting enough to play in any market and is unique in structure and flow. Primarily it is designed to play for the Sat and Sun crowd either in a 6-9pm or 9-mid slot and appeals to all ages. The current library is approx 85,000 titles from all genres and come primarily from Bill's personal collection.......for more info and sample show demo see contct details below.

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